Recipient data is not shared across all Federal agencies in ASAP.  Each Federal entity has access to ASAP recipient data based on that data being connected to the bureau’s Agency Locator Code (ALC) in ASAP.  As a result, the recipient must still enroll in ASAP with FWS in order to connect their current ASAP banking information with their FWS ASAP account. The recipient does not have to go through a complete enrollment, however, there are steps that FWS and the recipient must take in ASAP in order to receive payments from the Service.

What are the steps the recipient must take to complete enrollment in ASAP if they are already enrolled in ASAP with another federal agency?

Step 1: Initiate Enrollment

The recipient organization must complete the USFWS ASAP Enrollment Form. The completed form is submitted to the FWS program awarding the grant or cooperative agreement. The FWS program completes their portion of the form and forwards the form to the Branch of Systems.

The Systems Branch will initiate the recipient's enrollment in ASAP and the recipient POC will receive an email notifying them that FWS has initiated enrollment and the Financial Official (FO) will receive an email instructing them to link their existing banking information to the FWS Agency Locator Code. If you do not know your password or need to reset your password, call the U.S. Treasury’s ASAP Helpdesk at 855-868-0151 Option 2 Payments, then Option 3, ASAP. 

Step 2: Add Banking Information

The Financial Official must log into ASAP and enter the organization's banking information. For instructions on how to link the banking information in ASAP, please refer to the "Linking Banking Data for Organization that is Currently Enrolled in ASAP" user guide. The Financial Official has up to 45 days to add at least one valid bank account. The Financial Official can add up to 8 unique bank accounts with a corresponding payment method, i.e. 4 with ACH and 4 with Fedwire. A bank account that is designated as “ACH/Fedwire” is counted as 2 separate accounts.

Bank accounts entered as “ACH’ for the payment method have a waiting period of up to seven business days before they are available for use.

The Financial Official can add and modify banking information at any point during or following an organization’s enrollment process.

Step 3: Enrollment Activation

After a banking information is added, the organization is ready to be activated. This is an automated process that occurs within 24 hours after the Financial Official satisfies the enrollment requirements.

Step 4: Treasury Validation Period

Even though the enrollment is activated, Treasury imposes a 10 business day bank validation period that begins on the date the Recipient Org Status becomes “Active” during which the federal agency cannot send funds to the newly activated account. Once the 10 business bank validation period ends, additional steps must be taken by the Branch of Systems and the FWS program before the funds are made available to the recipient.

For additional assistance on ASAP enrollment, when the recipient logs into ASAP, they can click on Help and find "Recipient Enrollment" tutorial and video. If after working through the tutorials and they find that they need additional assistance with their ASAP enrollment, please email the Systems Branch at with the following information:

        Recipient Name:  
        Person to Contact:
        Phone Number:
        ASAP Recipient ID:
        FBMS Award Numbers (ask their Service Project Officer for this information):
        Description of Error Message: Please be very specific. Provide a screen shot if possible.

For additional information on the ASAP Enrollment Process, please refer to the ASAP Enrollment Process Flowchart.