Domestic financial assistance recipients may receive an ASAP waiver if they fall under the following categories:

  1. ASAP Waiver Request for a Domestic Entity to Receive an Award from any program except the Partners for Fish and Wildlife and Coastal Programs:

    ASAP waivers may be granted by the Department of the Interior only under the certain conditions described on the Department of the Interior ASAP Waiver Request Form which include Waiver Requests for Hardship and Waiver Requests Involving Natural Disasters, Public Safety, or Foreign Payments.

  2. ASAP Waiver Request for an Entity to Receive a Partners for Fish and Wildlife or Coastal (PFW&C) Program Award:

    The Department of the Interior has granted a programmatic waiver for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife or Coastal Programs through May 31, 2014, allowing these programs to waive entities that do not want to use ASAP, provided the entity is not already registered in ASAP with another Federal Agency. The Partners for Fish and Wildlife or Coastal program staff must give their intended recipients the option of using ASAP. The programmatic ASAP waiver does NOT extend to the SAM/DUNS registration requirements. Only individuals applying for or receiving funds separate from a business or non-profit organization he/she may operate are exempt by regulation from SAM/DUNS registration requirements. The USFWS ASAP Waiver Request List Template must be submitted to

For steps on how to submit the waiver request, please refer to the  "Establishing an Intended Recipient’s Payment Method before Obligating Funds for a New Grant or Cooperative Agreement Award in the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS)." 

For FWS information on ASAP waivers, please refer to the topics on the left navigation pane.

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