Besides the FBMS award number, what information will the FWS recipient need in order to access their award in ASAP?

In addition to the ASAP recipient ID and log in information, the recipient will need the full account ID, which is the agreement number, the line number, and the last four digits of the WBS for that line number (Example: F12AP12345-0001-00EA). The recipient will need to obtain the full account ID from the FWS Program. If the recipient does not have the full account ID, the recipient can also input the FWS award number with “%" (Example: F12AP12345%). The “%” serves as a wildcard in ASAP and will display all lines on the award. 

If the information above did not address your concerns, please email the Systems Branch at with the following information:

        Recipient Name:
        Person to Contact:
        Phone Number:
        ASAP Recipient ID:
        FBMS Award Numbers (ask their Service Project Officer for this information):
        Description of Error Message: Please be very specific. Provide a screen shot if possible.