The WSFR Policy Branch is working with the Sportfishing & Boating Partnership Council to develop a Team to assist WSFR in discussing and developing approaches on several of the more complicated topics that we will include in the updated rulemaking. Members of the Team should have a good working knowledge of CVA and be able to represent not only their own perspectives, but potentially perspectives from other States, Regions, and entities. The expectation is that members will be available for several webinars that will start in 2017, be available to do some research and possibly survey others on opinions and issues, and culminate with 2 - 3 days at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV to prepare for the draft proposed rule.

The draft proposed rule will then be distributed through the WSFR POP ListServ and the SOBA ListServ, as well as other venues, for comment. Following the comment period, the Team will reconvene to discuss any further issues or topics that arise from comments. We hope to have a proposed rule to the Federal Register in late Spring/early Summer 2017.

NOMINATIONS DUE DECEMBER 31, 2016.  To nominate, please add the following information to a comment box below:

Any special topics of interest (if applicable):

Depending on the nominations, there may be small groups formed to address certain topics. Please feel free to self-nominate. We ask that all who nominate make sure they have their supervisor's approval to participate prior to nominating themselves.

For further information, contact: / 703.358.1942





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