Meeting Information:

Name: Clean Vessel Act Open Forum - Webinar 3

Date:   January 27, 2015

Time: 1:00  - 2:30 PM Eastern


Conference Number: 1.877.716.4767

Participant Code: 8052253#

Topic:  Definitions

Things to Consider:

1) Definition of Operation (See: Operation.docx)

2) Definition of Maintenance (See: Maintenance.docx)

3) Pumpout station vs. pumpout facility? We will include floating restrooms and pumpout boats in the updated definition. Is there anything else we need to include? Exclude?

4) Do we need to define surveys?

5) Definition of recreational or recreational vessel - what should it include? What should it not include?

Mentioned on prior calls: Houseboats that do not move; Live aboards; Charters (Operated by employee of business) - for fishing; Charters - for other purposes; Rentals (lessee operates) - for various purposes such as, living, traveling, fishing, etc.; Ferries; Diveboats; Sightseeing Tours; Dinner Cruises; Commercial shrimp; Commercial fishing; Commercial transport; Gambling boats; Derelict/Abandoned boats that are occupied by "homeless" or "squatters;"  ANYTHING ELSE?


Power Point Presentation:  CVA Reg Update_Webinar 3_27Jan2015.pptx

Discussion Notes: Notes from CVA Webinar_27January2015.docx

Chat Box: Chat Box_January 27, 2015.docx









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