FBMS user guides on Purchase Requisitions (PR) such as creating a funded PR, creating a grants PR, pre-award PR change, viewing PR awaiting approval, approving and releasing PR, displaying a PR, etc.  

The link below is directed to the Acquisitions Business Process Guidance. On the page, scroll down to User Guides - SAP where the list of PR user guides will be shown under Requisitioning.

FBMS User Guides on Purchase Requisitions

Tips for ACQ_REQs on entering new PRs and making pre- post-award PR changes. Applies to all PRs (Acq and FA). Updated 2/25/2013.

Tips for Requisitioning

Follow these steps on the FBMS Portal to locate the tutorial on how to create a PR for financial assistance award

FBMS portal → PMO Podcast (right side of the home page) → 04 FBMS Videos on Demand  →  Acquisition / Financial Assistance  → MP4s → Financial Assistance PR.mp4