The FA Wiki uses a combination of hypertext, a search box, and page themes to facilitate navigation throughout the site. 


Hypertext is, simply put, digital text that contains hyperlinks to other text which the reader uses to readily navigate when accessing information. The FA Wiki uses hypertext throughout the website to cross-reference FA-related information via hyperlinks and interactive multimedia (sometimes referred to as 'hypermedia"). When you see text like this, it means there is a link to another wiki page or outside reference with further information. 

Tooltips are information elements used in conjunction with a mouse pointer to display additional information for the reader. The tooltip is activated by hovering the mouse pointer over the item (word or phrase, marked with a dotted blue underline) without clicking. This will display a "hover box" containing the additional information.

The Search box is a key navigation tool of the FA Wiki. Located in the upper right hand corner of every page, the Search box applies a number of parameters to produce better refined search results than a simple word search would.

To use Search, simply begin typing out the word or phrase you are looking for. You will immediately begin to see search returns below the Search box, with those returns becoming more specific as you type.

You can either select one of the Search returns shown, or select the "Search for 'xx'" option at the bottom.

This will display the complete Search results for your desired word or phrase. Included will be the number of Search results.

For a short video demonstration on using the Wiki Search box, click here.

For the majority of FA topic pages, the format is standardized and features a Content box, an Info box identifying where the topic applies (which FA award types, FWS FA programs, etc), and the following topic sections:

Overview (or Background)A high-level summary of the topic. 'Background' may be use in place of, or in addition to, 'Overview', when appropriate to provide historical context.
AuthoritiesAll related Federal documentation on the topic. May include Federal statute, regulation, circulars, and Departmental- and Service-level policy and guidance.
Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)Provides FWS interpretation of Federal law, regulations, and policy. This section is expected to grow as more technical assistance questions are fielded by FASO Division staff.
Learning AidsUsed to link to a variety of visual aids, e.g. flow diagrams, charts, tables, or graphs.
Related PagesCross-reference links to other FA Wiki pages related to the topic.
ResourcesLinks to external resources related to the topic.
ReferencesFootnoted citations and/or Federal authorities.

Images are typically embedded in the page and may be either PDFs or image files. 

  • PDFs can be downloaded or enlarged by selecting the appropriate function. If there are multiple PDFs, there is also a scroll function.

  • Images (jpegs, gifs, pngs, etc.) can be enlarged with a mouse click. Some images may also contain links. (Click image below for an example).

Broadly, the FA Wiki uses Spaces that can be combined into Categories, which forms the navigation structure for the website.

Categories are featured as tabs along the top of the wiki, from which Spaces can be accessed. 

Spaces form the backbone of the FA Wiki, organizing content for easy navigation. There are a couple of ways to find and access the FA Wiki's spaces. 

  1. From the Category tab:

  2. From the active Category's main page:

  3. From hypertext on the active Category's main page:

For additional help on navigating the FA Wiki, take a few moments to view these quick-tip tutorlal videos.