The FWS Financial Assistance Wiki (FAwiki) is now available for your use.  Its web address is:

What is a Wiki?  A Wiki is a website developed by many users providing content to develop a knowledgebase.  In this instance, it is FWS Financial Assistance. 

 In the past we often cataloged our institutional FA (grant and cooperative agreement) knowledge by using: 1) Guidance, 2) Email (archives and message threads), and 3) Employee experience (subject matter experts).  The FA Wiki does not replace your existing sources of information and guidance (such as the FAPO and FA Systems Intranet websites, document archives, etc.).  The FAwiki allows FWS to bring those resources together into one tool that documents and preserves the information in a manner that is accessible to everyone.  The collaboration ability of a wiki affords all partnerships a vehicle for input. The FAwiki is a recently developed knowledge base built to contain FWS Financial Assistance policies, laws, rules, guidance, and best practices for individuals who have grant program and/or cooperative agreement management or grantee/recipient responsibilities.  It provides a lasting, accessible knowledge base of guidance for our respective Financial Assistance managers, specialists, and award recipients. 

The FWS FAwiki is topic rather than guidance based.    The general Topic Organization is:



Applicable Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Aids

Related Topics

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Grant Program Specific Guidance


At this time the content of the FAwiki is incomplete.  As additional FWS Financial Assistance partners contribute program specific content, a more complete and robust reference tool will evolve.  The current content is from FWS-wide Financial Assistance guidance for grants and cooperative agreements and WSFR grant program guidance. The information from these sources was the most readily available to the wiki developers. This content is currently being refined and arranged into an efficient organization of financial assistance reference materials. 

Additional FWS program specific guidance will be placed in the FAwiki knowledgebase as more financial assistance partners participate in the wiki environment. All FWS Financial Assistance Programs may use the FAwiki to store and distribute current guidance and historically significant information for their program managers, specialists, and financial assistance partners/recipients.

We invite you to visit the FAwiki and consider the possibilities for your program(s).  Questions, comments, and suggestions about the FAwiki can be submitted from within the wiki by clicking on the e-mail link found at the bottom of every page. Or, contact Steve Leggans, WSFR Information Management Branch Chief via e-mail or 304-876-7463; or contact Scott Knight, WSFR National Training Coordinator via e-mail or 304-876-7465.  

Please let your staff members know that the FWS's Financial Assistance Wiki is now available at