This project statement is meant to be used as a training aid. While some of the information provided in the project statement is based upon factual data, the entire project statement is not meant to represent an actual project statement drafted by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

North Dakota Aquatic Nuisance Species Outreach Program


There is a lack for public awareness concerning the devastating effects of invasive aquatic nuisance species (ANS) on the state's aquatic resources.  Introductions and infestations of ANS can degrade or destroy aquatic habitats which oftentimes results in the loss of native fishes and other aquatic life, including mussels and amphibians. It is far more effective and much less costly to prevent an ANS introductions/infestations than it is to try to control or eliminate one. Pimentel (2000 and 2004) estimated that alien-invasive fish were a $5.4 billion dollar annual cost to the nation's aquatic resources. Leung (2002) showed that there was a great advantage to prevention of ANS over eradicating it. Unless the public becomes informed, aware, and changes its behavior towards ANS, North Dakota’s ability to protect and conserve the state's aquatic resources from the effects of invasive ANS will be severely compromised.


The purpose is to develop responsible public behavior through increased awareness of ANS and the threats they pose to North Dakota’s aquatic resources.


  1. Participate in or sponsor 150 events by June 30, 2017. (NOTE: TRACS strategy - Outreach / Communication). 
  2. Produce 5 products by June 30, 2017. (NOTE: TRACS strategy - Outreach / Communication).

Results and Benefits Expected

  • Increased awareness and appreciation of aquatic resources.
  • Reduced ANS infestations and their potential impacts such as degradation of aquatic habitats.
  • Increase in angler and boater satisfaction.
  • Responsible behavior towards aquatic resources.
  • Reduced occurrences for reductions of desirable fishes, mussels, amphibians, and  waterfowl as a result of infestations of ANS.
  • A more informed public concerning ANS and the impacts associated with them.  For example, 25% of boaters using Lake Sakakawea remember an ANS campaign message.  Of that 25% 90% of those boaters are now aware of the negative effects and 80% have changed their behaviors in order to prevent future impacts from ANS.


Objective 1:  Participate in 150 events by June 30, 2017

The Department's ANS Coordinator aided by information and education specialists will be responsible for implementation of this project. The Department will use funds provided by this grant to expand its ANS outreach and communication effort both within and beyond North Dakota's borders. The following activities will be conducted:

1. Develop monthly ANS prevention messages to be aired on local and regional TV fishing shows. Develop additional ANS prevention messages to be delivered in a variety of communication venues. Test and evaluate ANS prevention messages with a small focus group of anglers and boaters.

2. Outsource aspects of the information/education campaign via contract. Select communications firm for contract to develop electronic, print, and broadcast media products to deliver ANS message.  Develop sub-grant to Friends of Lake Sakakawea to conduct outreach campaign. Sub-grant will include working with local radio and television stations to place ANS ads; placing information cards at kiosks at local bait and tackle shops, boating access areas, and boating equipment retailers.

(NOTE: TRACS activity tags for reporting purposes)
Objective 1: Participate in or sponsor 150 events by June 30, 2017
TRACS Activity Tag 1: Outreach events (# of events)

Objective 2:  Produce 5 products by June 30, 2017

1. Develop 2 ANS outreach and awareness strategies/plans designed to expand message to a broader audience.

2. Develop 3 social media campaigns  beyond traditional information dissemination approaches such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of ANS campaigns using surveys of boaters to determine if products were seen, the message was received, and if boater behavior changed.

(NOTE: TRACS activity tags for reporting purposes)
Objective 2: Produce 5 products by June 30, 2017.
TRACS Activity Tag 1: Print products (# of products)
TRACS Activity Tag 1: Digital Products (# of products)

Useful Life

No capital improvements over $10,000 will be made with this project proposal.

Geographic Location


Principal Investigator(s), for Research Projects

Not applicable.

Program Income

None anticipated.

Budget Narrative

Funding for this project shall be provided by the Aquatic Resources Education subprogram (9511) of the Sport Fish Restoration Act .

Total project cost is estimated at $275,000

Federal Share shall be $206,250 (75%)

State Share shall be $68,750 (25%)

NOTE: Applicants may provide the budget information using the SF 424A (Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs), SF 424C (Budget Information for Construction Programs), or using the applicant’s created budget displaying an equivalent or greater level of detail.

Budget Class Category




Fringe Benefits














Total Direct Costs


Indirect Costs




Personnel - budget estimate comprised of staff (3-5) in the following classifications: (1) ANS Coordinator; (2) Information and Education Specialist; and (3) ANS fish biologist.

Fringe Benefits - consists of the required employer contribution of Social Security, Medicare, unemployment tax, retirement, and employee health insurance, and is estimated at 48.33% of salaries.

Travel - staff will attend in-state meetings related to ANS issues, as well as travel to meet with contractors working on grant related activities.  Staff may also attend regional/national meetings such as AFS and North Central Division of AFS (including the various committees and sections), as well as MAFWA.  Travel costs will include lodging, transportation, and per diem following state policies and procedures.

Supplies - budget estimate includes general office supplies, publications/printings, production of flyers/brochures/displays, and ANS stickers

Contractual - budget estimate comprised of two contracts.  One contract ($40,000) with a communications firm specializing in development of electronic, print, and broadcast media products.  The products created will focus on ANS messaging to boaters, anglers, and outdoor recreationists.  The second contract ($20,000) will be with the Friends of Lake Sakakawea to implement an outreach campaign working with local radio and television stations to place ANS advertisements; information cards at kiosks of local bait/tackle shops, boating access sites; and boating equipment retailers. 

Indirect Costs - the Department’s approved NICRA is 14.00% charged to the base of salaries.  A copy of the NICRA is on file in the WSFR Regional Office.

In-Kind Match: No in-kind match will be utilized for this grant.

Pre-Award Costs: No pre-award costs are requested for this grant.

Indirect Cost Statement: “We are a U.S. state government entity receiving more than $35 million in direct Federal funding each year with an indirect cost rate of 14%.  We submit our indirect cost rate proposals to our cognizant agency.  A copy of our most recently approved rate agreement/certification is on file in the Region 6 Headquarters Office.”

Single Audit Reporting Statement:  North Dakota was required to submit a Statewide Single Audit report for its most recently closed fiscal year and that report is available on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse Single Audit Database website.  The report is filed under the North Dakota’s EIN (99-9999999).

Conflict of Interest Statement: The Department, at the time of this application, is not aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise during the life of this award which may affect the Department, its employees, or its subrecipients.  Should an actual or potential conflict of interest arise during the period of performance, then the Department will notify the WSFR Regional Office.

Multipurpose Projects

Not applicable.

Relationship with Other Grants



Period of performance is July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017.

July 1, 2016 - September 30, 2016:

  • All supplies procured, publications/materials printed.
  • Issue subgrant/contract to communication firm and Friends of Lake Sakakawea.
  • Air ANS prevention/awareness messages on various media platforms.

October 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016:

  • Test and evaluate ANS prevention messages with a small focus group of anglers and boaters (results help lead to full implementation during the upcoming boating season).
  • Product deliverables from contracts obtained by NDDNR for review/approval.
  • Continue airing ANS prevention/awareness messages on media platforms.

January 1, 2017 - March 31, 2017:

  • Finalize outreach/awareness strategies for implementation during 2017 boating season.
  • Continue airing ANS prevention/awareness messages on media platforms.
  • Finalize review/testing of ANS prevention messages for implementation during 2017 boating season.
  • Attend boating/fishing and outdoor shows and events to draw attention to ANS.

April 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017:

  • Distribute media, brochures, messaging to local outlets (bait and tackle shops, retailers, boat ramps, etc.).
  • Implement social media campaigns to target audiences.
  • Attend boating/fishing and outdoor shows and events to draw attention to ANS.


NOTE: 50 CFR 80.82 (c) requires that a project statement must include information pertaining to 13 data elements.  Element 13 (General) requires that information be included in the project statement that (a) shows that the proposed activities are eligible for funding and substantial in character and design and (b) enables the Service to comply with applicable requirements under NEPA, ESA, and NHPA, and other laws, regulations, and policies.  If information is not provided in the project statement, please attach additional documentation regarding NEPA, ESA, and NHPA compliance. 

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