This project statement is meant to be used as a training aid. While some of the information provided in the project statement is based on factual data, the entire project statement is not meant to represent an actual project statement submitted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

SC – Tier 1: Seaside Marina Transient Recreational Boating Facility Construction

Project Statement


There is a need to construct additional facilities for transient, recreational boaters due to a growing demand for waterfront access in the Town of Seaside, SC. Since 2008, the Town of Seaside has supported the revitalization of the historic downtown waterfront and reestablishment of the town as a tourist destination along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW). The town acquired waterfront property in 2010 to provide public water access and recreational opportunities. The town constructed a 100-ft long floating dock for tie-ups, kayak/canoe launch, ½-mile boardwalk, and picnic shelter along the waterfront park in 2012. Music, arts, and cultural events are now supported at the waterfront park and throughout the downtown business district, such as the annual Shrimp Festival, Plein Air Art competition, and the First Friday’s concert series which runs April through October.

Through daily logs maintained by the town’s parks and recreation staff, average annual visits by vessels greater than 26 feet in length increased from 20% in 2013 to 75% in 2017. During town events and due to local tourism promotion, the dock reaches capacity more frequently, causing boaters to anchor off the main channel or continue cruising to the next destination, oftentimes bypassing the town altogether. With new events planned for 2018 and an aggressive tourism campaign being undertaken by Palmetto County, transient boater traffic and occupancy is only expected to increase.

Dedicated slips for transient vessels over 26 feet in length are greatly needed to support the growing boater community in Seaside, ensure safe overnight dockage for all visitors, and provide boaters convenient access to shore-side amenities. The existing dock is only able to support a few smaller vessels, and larger transient vessels cannot be easily accommodated. At present, a boater bath house is unavailable, and public restrooms are located at Town Hall, roughly a half mile from the waterfront. The docks also currently do not provide water, electric, or sewage pump-out utilities. Better boater amenities and utilities are needed to fully establish Seaside as a first-class boater destination. Without a transient docking facility, the Town of Seaside will not be able to meet the needs and expectations of its rapidly increasing transient boater population.

In the proposed project area, transient dockage is also available at the Anchorage Marina, located about 2 miles west of the downtown waterfront. The marina currently offers a 60-ft ‘T’ dock and un-leased slips as transient tie-up space at a rate of $1.50 per foot per night plus utilities. Restrooms, showers, and fuel pumps are also available for transient guests. Transient dockage is limited at this marina and reaches capacity quickly during peak seasons. The addition of a downtown transient facility will provide boaters easy access to downtown shops and restaurants and ensure all visitors can be accommodated. The next nearest marinas are located approximately 20 miles to the south and 30 miles to the north. This is an area which has been identified in the SC Transient Boater Needs Assessment report (2009) as needing additional boating infrastructure to support demand.


The purpose of this project is to increase the number transient boating facilities in South Carolina by establishing a needed waypoint destination along the AIWW. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will partner with the Town of Seaside to construct a 10-slip docking facility and bath house for transient boaters to better accommodate the growing boating community, provide public waterfront access, and generate local tourism.


Construct 1 facility by March 31, 2020.  (NOTE: TRACS strategy - Facilities/Area Construction, Renovation, or Acquisition)

Results and Benefits Expected

The Seaside Marina will be an ADA-compliant transient docking facility with ten (10) slips located on town property, and owned and managed by the Town of Seaside. Water, electric, and sewage pumpout services will be available. The Seaside Marina will also offer an ADA-compliant boater bath house of men’s and women’s restrooms, unisex bathroom with shower, and a laundry room.

The new docks and bath house will provide safe overnight dockage and land-based comforts for transient boaters cruising the AIWW where only limited accommodations were previously available. Boaters will no longer have to anchor off the main channel and dinghy to shore. This will improve waterway navigation and decrease the potential for boating accidents. The addition of a downtown transient facility will also support other marina overflows and provide boaters easy access to downtown shops and restaurants. 

The Palmetto County Economic Development Center estimates the transient docks will generate an additional 1,000 overnight stays per year. Boaters are estimated to contribute about $150/day into the local economy for an annual economic impact of $150,000. An enhanced revenue stream will continue to support the growth of local downtown businesses and job opportunities.  Separately, revenues generated from user fees will enable the town to manage, repair, and/or improve the facility for boaters throughout its useful life.


Engineering and Permitting

The Town of Seaside will issue a request for bids for engineering and permitting services in accordance with the town’s procurement policies following submittal of this application. The services will include facility design for the docks and bath house to ADA-compliant standards, completion of construction plans and site plats, preparation and submission of federal, state and local development permit applications, and preparation of construction bid packages for the docks and bath house. All engineering and permitting will be conducted prior to the award. The selected engineering firm will also provide construction oversight and general project administration services.

The Town will give a presentation and receive public comments on preliminary facility plans during an upcoming Town Council meeting in October 2017. All comments received will be considered in developing the final project designs and included with the submitted permit application. 

The Town of Seaside will submit a Joint Federal and State Application Form by February 2018 to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Charleston District Office (USACE) to initiate the permit process with the USACE and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).  An environmental assessment will be prepared as part of this application in accordance with Section 404(b)(1) guidelines, and the USACE will issue a public notice seeking comments and conduct an evaluation in compliance with NEPA. Concurrently, the SCDHEC will review the project application and issue Section 401, Coastal Zone Management, and Critical Areas permits. If the project is not contrary to public interest and all state permits are received, a FONSI will be issued, and all project requirements and conditions will be documented and issued in a permit from the USACE.  No construction activities will begin until all necessary permits are received.

This proposal will also be submitted the SC State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. There are no known historic, cultural, or archaeological resources that may be impacted by this project. The project site is located, however, about five miles from the Seaside Plantation, which is designated on the national register of historic sites.

Dock and Bath House Construction

The Town’s preliminary design for the 10-slip transient docking facility is a 100’ x 6’ floating ‘T’-dock with two 4’ x 30’ finger piers and two 4’ by 40’ finger piers (Figure 1). Four interior slips will be 16’ x 36’ and the other four interior slips will be 20’ x 46’ (8 slips new construction). The existing 100’ floating dock will become the head of the ‘T’ to accommodate very large vessels (2 slips). The existing gangway will serve the entire facility. Five utility pedestals (with both 50 amp and 100 amp connections) will be purchased from a commercial marine electronics supplier. All electrical and plumbing installation work will be undertaken by a certified/licensed electrician and plumber. A pump-out station and connections to the town’s sewage system will also be installed on the dock using anticipated CVA grant funds.

The current depth at the proposed project site ranges from 3-6 feet (Figure 2 shows current bathymetry). Dredging will occur within the basin to provide at least a 6-ft depth at mean low water, to best ensure accessibility for larger vessels. Figure 3 shows the area anticipated to be dredged. The total area and volume to be dredged is unknown at the time of this application and will be determined by the contracted engineers in consultation with state/federal permitting authorities.

The public restrooms and boater bath house facility will be located about 50 feet from the entrance to the docks. The town’s preliminary design for the bath house includes men’s and women’s restrooms with three stalls each, unisex bathroom with shower stall, and a laundry room (one washer and dryer) (Figure 4). The restrooms will be open to all users; the shower and laundry rooms will be restricted to transient boaters only (see the Budget Narrative section for a description of the cost proration).

Requests for construction, electric, and plumbing services will be put out for bid in accordance with the town’s procurement policies once all necessary permits are in hand and the Seaside Town Council has approved of the final engineered transient docking facility and bath house designs produced by the contracted engineering firm. The selected contractors will be responsible for the procurement of all building materials, with the exception of utility pedestals, sewage pump-out, and laundry appliances, which will be purchased directly by the Town.

Once all required permits have been issued to the Town, these will be submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) with a copy of the subrecipient/third-party agreement. The agreement between the SCDNR and Town of Seaside will ensure the BIG-funded facilities will be used for their authorized purposes for their useful life.

Once approval is received from the USFWS, construction will begin within one month of contractor selection and award, or during the next in-water work period as authorized by permitting agencies.  Dredging and in-water construction activities are planned during the late fall and winter months (October to January) to reduce the likelihood of impacts to protected species (see the attached “Intra-Service Section 7 Biological Evaluation Form” for additional information). Construction is expected to be completed no later than March 31, 2019.

Both the docks and bath house will be inspected and certified prior to their opening to the public. Signage with the Sport Fish Restoration logo and credit to the BIG Program will be placed at both the docks and the bath house.

Facility Management

The Town expects to charge a user fee of $1.50 per foot per night stay, plus a $10/day utility service fee, upon opening of the facility after the close of the award. These rates are comparable to area facilities at the time of this application and are expected to remain constant. A rate schedule, facility use rules, and town maintenance and management plan will be written for incorporation into the Town’s overarching public facilities management plan to be approved by the Town Council. A draft will be provided to the SCDNR for review prior to grant closure. A marketing plan will be developed and implemented in partnership with the Palmetto County Tourism Authority through a Palmetto County Tourism Grant. A kiosk in front of the bath house will house facility management information, hours of operation, facility use rules, and local area tourism brochures/flyers.

A Notice of Federal Participation in the transient dock and bath house facilities will be recorded into the Town’s property deed.

(NOTE: 50 CFR 86.43(e)(1) and the BIG Notice of Funding Opportunity requires applicants to provide enough information on the status of required permits or other compliance requirements (National Environmental Policy Act, Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act, and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act) for the Service to make a preliminary assessment. The compliance information in the above Approach section is intended to provide an example, not a prescription of format or the level of detail that needs to be provided. Please consult with your WSFR Regional Office. If information is not provided in the project statement, please attach additional documentation regarding NEPA, ESA, and NHPA compliance.)


Period of Performance: July 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019

     October 2017 – June 2018:  Engineering and permitting

     July 2018: Award issued by USFWS to SCDNR, and sub-award issued by SCDNR to the Town of Seaside

     August – September 2018:  Bid solicitation and selection of contractors

     October 2018 – March 2019:  Construction of docks and bath house facilities

Key Personnel

SC Project Officer                                          Town Project Officer

Ms. Jane Williams                                           Mr. John Smith

SC BIG Coordinator                                       Town Parks and Recreation Manager

SC Dept. of Natural Resources                      Town of Seaside

Charleston, SC                                               Seaside, SC

(555) 555-1234                                              (555) 555-9876

J_Williams@dnr.sc.gov                                  John.Smith@seaside.sc.gov

(NOTE: TRACS Activity Tags for reporting purposes.)

          TRACS Activity Tag 1: Recreational boating facilities

          TRACS Activity Tag 2: Docks (enter # of slips and/or linear feet)

          TRACS Activity Tag 2: Gangways

          TRACS Activity Tag 2: Restrooms

          TRACS Activity Tag 2: Laundry facilities

          TRACS Activity Tag 2: Secondary improvements

Relationship with Other Grants

The Town intends to apply for a grant from the state for Clean Vessel Act funds for the installation of sewage connections and a stationary pumpout to serve the marina. The Town has applied for and will receive a State Parks and Recreation grant to support costs for the public restrooms at the waterfront park. A county tourism grant is anticipated to support the costs of marketing the town’s waterfront and downtown business district.

Single Audit Reporting Statement

The State of South Carolina was required to submit a Statewide Single Audit report for its most recently closed fiscal year and that report is available on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse Single Audit Database website. The report is filed under South Carolina’s EIN (99-9999999). An independent financial audit of the Town of Seaside’s most recently closed fiscal year was conducted and is on file with the state. There were no reported findings.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, at the time of this application, is not aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise during the life of this award which may affect the SCDNR, its employees, or its subrecipients. Should an actual or potential conflict of interest arise during the period of performance, the SCDNR will notify the WSFR Regional Office.

Overlap or Duplication of Effort Statement

There are no overlaps or duplication between this application and any of our other Federal applications or funded projects in regards to activities, costs, or time commitment of key personnel. All non-Federal and Federal grant requests described in the Budget Narrative are supplemental to this Federal funding request.


(NOTE: These attachments are not included as part of this example project statement.)

1. Map of project location

2. Preliminary site designs (Figures 1-4)

3. Letter of commitment of local funds

4. State Parks and Recreation Grant Award Letter

SC – Tier 1: Seaside Marina Transient Recreational Boating Facility Construction

Budget Narrative

Total Requested Federal Share:         $199,500 (75%)

Total Non-Federal Share:                   $  66,500 (25%)         

Total BIG Project Cost:                       $266,000

All funds awarded to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will be subawarded to the Town of Seaside. The following budget was provided for the Seaside Marina project:

Total Project Cost


Total Eligible BIG Cost


Engineering & permitting services – docks



Engineering & permitting services – bath house (50%)









Dock materials and construction



5 Water/electric pedestals ($3,000 ea)



Dock electric installation & service connections



Dock water installation & service connections



Bath house construction (50%)



Sewage pump-out and utility connections (CVA grant)



Marketing (County tourism grant)



Construction oversight and project administration (75%)



Signage and kiosk





(NOTE: You may also use the SF 424C or SF 424A Budget Information forms to submit budget information.)

Pre-award Costs

Engineering and permitting service costs incurred by the Town of Seaside are requested pre-award costs ($18,750 total Federal share). All remaining compliance requirements will be satisfied during this time.

Match and Partner Contributions

The required cost share (25%) will be contributed as cash from local funds and a state parks and recreation grant ($22,500 of the total grant). The state parks and recreation grant is funded through a state trust fund (non-Federal source). There will be no in-kind contributions.

Funding SourceTotal Project ContributionTotal Eligible BIG Contribution
CVA Sewage Pumpout Grant (Federal)$30,000$0
State Parks and Recreation Grant (non-Federal)$95,000$22,500
County Tourism Grant (non-Federal)$10,000$0
BIG Grant (Federal)$199,500$199,500
Town cash (non-Federal)$44,000$44,000

Contingency Costs

No contingency costs are requested.  Cost overruns will be paid for by the Town of Seaside.

Cost Proration

The bath house will include restrooms that will be open to the general public as well as boaters.  Only registered transient boaters having paid the appropriate user fees will be allowed access to the shower and laundry facilities. Requested BIG funds for the bath house are prorated by 50% based on the preliminary square footage of the building that will be used in whole, or in part, by eligible users (Figure 4). Construction oversight and project administration costs that will be contracted to the engineering firm are prorated at 75%, reflective of both the dock and bath house projects. Electric and water service connections to the sewage pump-out have been prorated and removed from the cost estimates shown.

Program Income

Program income will not be generated, as the Town of Seaside will not begin to collect user fees from the BIG-funded docking facility until after grant closure.


No equipment will be purchased through this BIG award.

Useful Life

Docks – 20 years

The docks will be constructed with the same materials and to the same standards as the existing 100-ft dock. Specifications provided from the engineers and contractors for that project estimated a useful life of 20 years based on experience with deterioration caused by water, wind, temperature, and anticipated volume of use for projects of similar size and scope.

Bath House – 35 years

The bath house will be constructed to meet state and local building codes, which provide assurances that the structural integrity should persist for a minimum of 35 years. Fixtures and appliances will be replaced as needed. Estimated useful life was determined by the Town Public Works and Planning Department staff's familiarity with state and local building codes and standards.

Indirect Cost Statement

We are a U.S. state agency that will charge all costs directly.

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