The Wildlife Restoration Program provides grant funds to State and Territorial fish and wildlife agencies for projects to restore, conserve, manage and enhance wild birds and mammals and their habitat.

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Wildlife Restoration Program



The Wildlife Restoration Program, authorized by the Wildlife Restoration Act (Pittman-Robertson PR) of 1937, is the nation's oldest and most successful wildlife management program. In addition to funding projects supporting wildlife and their habitats, the Program also funds projects which provide public use and access to wildlife resources, hunter education, and development and management of shooting ranges. 



50 CFR 80 Administrative Requirements, Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Acts

§ 80.50 What activities are eligible for funding under the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act?

The following activities are eligible for funding under the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act:

(a) Wildlife Restoration program.

(1) Restore and manage wildlife for the benefit of the public.
(2) Conduct research on the problems of managing wildlife and its habitat if necessary to administer wildlife resources efficiently.
(3) Obtain data to guide and direct the regulation of hunting.
(4) Acquire real property suitable or capable of being made suitable for:

(i) Wildlife habitat, or
(ii) Public access for hunting or other wildlife-oriented recreation.

(5) Restore, rehabilitate, improve, or manage areas of lands or waters as wildlife habitat.
(6) Build structures or acquire equipment, goods, and services to:

(i) Restore, rehabilitate, or improve lands or waters as wildlife habitat; or
(ii) Provide public access for hunting or other wildlife-oriented recreation.

(7) Operate or maintain:

(i) Projects that the State fish and wildlife agency completed under the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act; or
(ii) Facilities that the agency acquired or constructed with funds other than those authorized under the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act if these facilities are necessary to carry out activities authorized by the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act.

(8) Coordinate grants in the Wildlife Restoration program and related programs and subprograms.

[76 FR 46156, Aug. 1, 2011]


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Wildlife Restoration Program funded?

Excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and arrow components are collected and appropriated from the Wildlife Restoration Account. These funds are apportioned to states, the District of Columbia and insular areas based on a formula

May an activity be eligible for funding if it is not explicitly eligible in this part?

An activity may be eligible for funding even if this part does not explicitly designate it as an eligible activity if the State fish and wildlife agency justifies in the project statement how the activity will help carry out the purposes of the Wildlife Restoration Act and the FWS Regional Director concurs with the justification. 

Are costs of State central services eligible for funding?

Administrative costs in the form of overhead or indirect costs for State central services outside of the State fish and wildlife agency are eligible for funding under the Acts and
must follow an approved cost allocation plan. These expenses must not exceed 3 percent of the funds apportioned annually to the State under the Acts. (50 CFR 80.53)

What activities are ineligible for funding?

The following activities are ineligible for funding under the Acts, except when necessary to carry out project purposes approved by the Regional Director:

  • Law enforcement activities.
  • Public relations activities to promote the State fish and wildlife agency, other State administrative units, or the State.
  • Activities conducted for the primary purpose of producing income.
  • Activities, projects, or programs that promote or encourage opposition to the regulated taking of fish, hunting, or the trapping of wildlife. (50 CFR 80.54)


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