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     TRACS Activity Tag 1: Recreational boating facilities 

     TRACS Activity Tag 2s (required)2: Docks/piers, Launch ramps, Parking areas, 

     TRACS Activity Tag 2: Launch ramps

     TRACS Activity Tag 2: Parking areas 

Useful Life

The useful life of the Otter Creek Boat Ramp facility is expected to be 25 years.  This determination is based upon the architectural engineering firm that was contracted to develop the design for the project.  Their determination is based upon a variety of factors including: (1) size of project; (2) geographic location; (3) quality of construction materials; (4) anticipated volume of use; (5) anticipated type of vehicles/boats using the site; (6) prevailing geographic weather; (7) wave erosion; and (8) previous knowledge of useful life of similar size/scope projects.  


Boating Access Subprogram Allocation - WSFR

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Funds used as Cost SharingShare

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Funds as Cost SharingShare



Project Statement - Otter Creek Boat Ramp Construction - (Word version of project statement)

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