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Subpart D - Post Federal Award Requirements

Standards for Financial and Program Management

§200.300   Statutory and national policy requirements.
§200.301   Performance measurement.
§200.302   Financial management.
§200.303   Internal controls.
§200.304   Bonds.


Property Standards

§200.310   Insurance coverage.
§200.311   Real property.
§200.312   Federally-owned and exempt property.
§200.313   Equipment.

Procurement Standards

§200.317   Procurements by states.
§200.318   General procurement standards.
§200.319   Competition.
§200.320   Methods of procurement to be followed.
§200.321   Contracting with small and minority businesses, women's business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms.

Performance and Financial Monitoring and Reporting

§200.327   Financial reporting.
§200.328   Monitoring and reporting program performance.
§200.329   Reporting on real property.

Subrecipient Monitoring and Management

§200.330   Subrecipient and contractor determinations.
§200.331   Requirements for pass-through entities.
§200.332   Fixed amount subawards.

Record Retention and Access

§200.333   Retention requirements for records.
§200.334   Requests for transfer of records.
§200.335   Methods for collection, transmission and storage of information.
§200.336   Access to records.
§200.337   Restrictions on public access to records.

Remedies for Noncompliance

§200.338   Remedies for noncompliance.
§200.339   Termination.
§200.340   Notification of termination requirement.
§200.341   Opportunities to object, hearings and appeals.
§200.342   Effects of suspension and termination.


§200.343   Closeout.

Post-Closeout Adjustments and Continuing Responsibilities

§200.344   Post-closeout adjustments and continuing responsibilities.

Collection of Amounts Due

§200.345   Collection of amounts due.