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An award was released in PRISM GrantSolutions to my the FWS recipient but they cannot see their funds in ASAP or Treasury is telling them their account does not exist.

Prior to releasing an award to a recipient in PRISM, the guidance Releasing an award in GrantSolutions prior to the recipient completing enrollment will impact the recipient’s ability to access funds. The recipient must complete enrollment in ASAP and the recipient’s banking information must be validated by ASAP.  It typically takes about 15 business days from the date that the enrollment was completed for the funds to become available in ASAP if the award was released prior to the completion of enrollment.

The FWS Program must always verify the recipient's ASAP enrollment prior to releasing the award in GrantSolutions. Refer to the “Establishing an Intended Recipient’s Payment Method before Obligating Funds for a New FA Awardmust be followed.  This guidance and the required enrollment form can also be found at the FAS Inside.fws site:

If the payment method is established prior to the release of an award in GrantSolutions, the funds are available to the recipient in ASAP the following day.

If the enrollment was completed prior to the award being released, the FWS Program should check the award period of performance begin date.

The award period of performance begin date may have a future date in GrantSolutions.  This date is sent over to ASAP.  The recipient does not have access to the funds in ASAP until the award period of performance begin date.  If this date is incorrect in GrantSolutions, the FWS Program must modify the award in GrantSolutions to correct the date.

If the recipient continues to experience issues accessing their funds, the FWS program staff should contact the FBMS Helpdesk at with all FBMS and ASAP related questions.

Recipients needing assistance should send an email to the Systems Branch at and include the following information:

Recipient Name:
Person to Contact:
Phone Number:
ASAP Recipient ID:
FBMS Award Numbers (ask their Service Project Officer for this information):
Description of Error Message:  Please be very specific.  Provide a screen shot if possible.