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The recipient organization must complete the USFWS ASAP Enrollment Form. The completed form is submitted to the FWS program awarding the grant or cooperative agreement. The FWS program completes their portion of the form and forwards the form to the Systems Branch of Systems.

The Systems Branch will initiate the recipient's enrollment by entering in ASAP the information specific to that organization including the organization's individual that will serve as the Point of Contact (POC). If the recipient organization has never enrolled in ASAP with any other federal agency, ASAP will assign the recipient organization's Point of Contact a User ID and send an email to the Point of Contact with the User ID and a link to set up security questions and a password.  This step cannot be completed until a temporary password is received by the Point of Contact.  The temporary password is sent to the Point of Contact by regular mail. If you do not want to wait for the password to arrive by regular mail or you have not received a temporary password, the Point of Contact can call the U.S. Treasury’s ASAP Helpdesk at 855-868-0151 Option 2 Payments, then Option 3, ASAP.  The Federal Reserve will send the Point of Contact a temporary password via email.