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NOTE:  Some of these forms may require you to download to your computer before you can view them.  To download, click on the link to the form you want to download.  Then click on the download arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Once downloaded, you should be able to view and enter information into the forms.

Application Forms

SF-424 Core Application for Federal Assistance - Expires 1012/31/2019
SF-424 FAQs

SF-424A Budget Information for Non-construction Construction Programs - Expires 0102/3128/20192022 
SF-424B Statement of Assurances for Non-Construction Programs - Expires 0102/3128/20192022

SF-424C Budget Information for Construction Programs - Expires 0102/3128/20192022
SF-424D Statement of Assurances for Construction Programs - Expires 0102/3128/2019
SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities - Expires 02/28/2022

Post-Award Reporting and Financial Forms

SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement for Non-Construction Programs - Expires 02/28/2022 
SF-271 Outlay Report and Request for Reimbursement for Construction Programs - Expires
SF-425 Federal Financial Report - Expires 02/28/2022
SF-429 Real Property Status Report (cover page) - Expires 02/28/2022 
SF-429A Real Property Status Report - Expires 01/31/2019

-ATTACHMENT A (General Reporting) - Expires 02/28/2022
SF-429B Real Property Status Report ATTACHMENT B ( Request to Acquire, Improve, or Furnish) - Expires 02/28/2022
SF-429C Real Property Status Report ATTACHMENT C (Disposition, or Encumbrance Request) - Expires 02/28/2022

3-154A License Certification - Expires 06/30/2019
3-154B License Certification Summary - Expires 06/30/2019
Fish & Wildlife Service Forms 

FWS Form 3-154 Hunting & Sport Fishing License Certification
          Attachment to License Certification Letter - FY2022 Apportionments

FWS Form 3-2197a State Certification of Spending
FWS Form 3-2462 Financial Assistance Recipient Risk Assessment
SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities