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Technical Bulletin - Vendor and Financial Assistance Credit Memos

AP-03: Vendor and Financial Assistance Credit Memos

The Technical Bulletin describes the process to request and process credit memos in FBMS:

1. To record credits to correct a payment made in error, and

2. To resolve incorrectly referenced purchase orders and award numbers

Attachment A: Credit Memo Request Form (Use this form to initiate the request for a credit memo in FBMS only if the Service receives an actual (payment credit or refund) check or automatic clearinghouse (ACH) payment information)

Attachment B: Correction to Invoice PO Posting Request Form (Use this form when the Service must re-establish an obligation or fund when it accidently pays a vendor or recipient referencing an incorrect purchase order or award number, respectively, even if the original payment amount is correct. This form can only be used for recipients who are waived from ASAP)

Attachment C: Making Adjustments and Returning Funds to ASAP


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