Type: Instructor-led classroom training 

Duration: 32 hours

This course provides a conceptual and working knowledge of advanced administrative and financial issues in managing grant programs administered by Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) Program. Emphasis is placed on complying with administrative and financial rules and regulations relating to the Acts, CFRs and OMB Circulars. Advanced topics include managing and monitoring funding sources, accounting for expenditures and reimbursements, financial reporting requirements and audit requirements. This includes the use and knowledge of the Service Manual, regulations, rules and other guidance.

Who should take this course:
Persons responsible for the coordination and/or financial administration of WSFR grants, especially state coordinators and accountants and WSFR regional staff. Persons attending this course are required to have basic knowledge and experience managing WSFR grants or have attended the Basic Grants Management Course.


  • Describe the funding sources and methods in which funds are distributed for various grant programs administered by WSFR Program, and the Acts, Rules and Regulations governing the programs.
  • Identify administrative compliance requirements including subrecipient monitoring.
  • Become familiar with managing and monitoring grant funds, spending mandates and grant awards.
  • Describe the roles, responsibilities, communication and issues involved in the audit process.
  • Build a network of professional contacts across state and regional boundaries to assist in solving grant administrative and financial issues.



June 8 - 11, 2020 at the WSFR Region 8 HQ Office in Sacramento, CA.  (Sunday and Friday are the travel days).  Registration is not yet open for this class!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to providing access to this course (event) for all participants. Please direct all requests for sign language interpreting services, close captioning, or other accommodation needs to Julie Schroyer, 304-876-7927, julie_schroyer@fws.gov, TTY 800-877-8339.


WSFR uses a web-based system called DOI TALENT to register students for Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) classes. Below are two sets of instructions (one for FWS/DOI employees, and one for External/Non-Service employees).

Registration Instructions for FWS and DOI Employees, Contractors and Volunteers
As long as you are logged into your computer using your DOI Access Card and PIN card, you will be automatically signed in and redirected to the DOI Talent homescreen.
Open an Internet Browser window.
Copy and paste this URL into the address bar: https://doitalent.ibc.doi.gov/

You can search for "WSFR" courses by clicking on the "Find Learning" tab. Click on "Courses" and type "WSFR" in the Search by Course Name field (see image below). A list of WSFR courses will appear at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down the page to see the courses). Click on the WSFR Advanced Grants Management course to see the upcoming seminar events (classes).

Having Trouble Logging Into DOI Talent?
If you are a Service or DOI employee who previously had a DOI Learn account and you do not have a DOI Access Card, please contact the Customer Support Center for instructions.

Phone: 1-888-367-1622, menu option 3, then 7 (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 5:30 pm, Mountain)
Email: HRMS_Helpdesk@ios.doi.gov

Registration Instructions for External Learners (State partners and non-Service employees)
You must request a DOI Talent account (by completing a "new account request form" to register for this course. Please read these instructions prior to filling out the new account request form (link found below the instructions).

New Account Request Instructions:
There are 3 sections to the form; "Username and Password", "More Details" and "Other Fields"; you MUST complete ALL THREE sections and enter data into EVERY field, except for Role ID and Domain ID (these two fields may be left blank). See specific instructions for several fields below, other fields are self-explanatory.
'Username' field: insert the email address where you wish to receive system notifications. This will become your DOI Talent username. Please ensure that the spelling of your email address is correct in both the username and email address fields.
The "Comments" field: indicate the specific COURSE NAME (WSFR Advanced Grants Management) and whether or not you've attended training with us before or have been affiliated with DOI in the past.
The "Bureau" field: select the BUREAU (Fish and Wildlife Service) that is offering the course you wish to attend.
The "Affiliation" field : select the option that most closely matches your situation (State/Local Gov, etc).

Now that you've read the above, use this new account request form.
Failure to provide ALL requested information will result in your request being denied.
All account approvals are performed manually. We review your request to determine which Bureau is sponsoring the training you are requesting and if you already have an account in our system. We endeavor to respond to your account request within 3 working days.

Once your account request is approved, you will receive and email message from "DOI Talent" that contains your Username and link to log in.  Please note: Your supervisor or manager in the DOI Talent system will be Marci Phillips (one our DOI Talent Data supervisors). Do not change your manager/supervisor in the DOI Talent system...keep Marci Phillips as your manager/supervisor.

When you submit a booking request for the class, note that there is no payment for the class. You will be placed on an automatic wait list. You will receive an email from DOI Talent when you are actually enrolled in the class (which should be approximately 8-10 weeks prior to the class at the latest).


If you have questions about registration, please contact the DOI Talent Data Steward at NCTC at doitalent@fws.gov or call 304-870-7101.  

Contact WSFR Program's Information Management Branch at 304-876-7927 for general questions.

Financial Assistance Toolkit:

Persons attending the Advanced Grants Management course will be required, prior to the class, to download the current version of the Financial Assistance (FA) Training Toolkit onto either a work electronic device (tablet or laptop computer) or personal device and bring with them to the class.  We will use the Toolkit as a resource throughout the class to review statutes, regulations, policies, and guidance.  For directions on how to download the FA Training Toolkit, please click here: Financial Assistance Training Toolkit   


Contact Phil King at 304-876-7469 or Ryan Oster at 304-596-3641

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