Type: Instructor-led classroom training 

Duration: 32 hours

This course provides a basic overview of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) Program's grant management process. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and use of the Service manual and associated regulations, rules and supplemental documents. Participants work individually and in small groups to develop and process a basic grant package and evaluate a variety of grant types using case studies.

Who should take this course:
Persons responsible for managing WSFR Program's grants, especially state wildlife agency coordinators, WSFR Program's specialists with less than 1.5 years of experience with WSFR Program's grants.  Service Policy  232 FW 1 was signed on Friday 17 October 2014.  The policy requires all Service personnel who work with financial assistance to receive a Service specific financial assistance training.  All WSFR employees are required to complete the WSFR specific Basic Grants Management (BGM) training.


  • Describe WSFR Program's grant programs and processes.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of federal and state/grantee partners in managing WSFR Program's grants.
  • Process and manage a basic grant.
  • Use the Service manual and other resources.
  • Build a network of professional grant management contacts.

Tuition/Cost: Tuition is free (paid by WSFR Program). Students are responsible for lodging, per diem, and all travel costs. Refer to the NCTC Information Sheet for lodging costs (includes meals) and shuttle service cost/information.



May 18 - 21, 2020 in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Travel days are Sunday, May 17, and Friday May 22 (Postponed due to COVID-19).  Reschedule date TBD.

September 14 - 17, 2020 in Lakewood, Colorado. Travel days are Sunday, September 13, and Friday September 18 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to providing access to this course (event) for all participants. Please direct all requests for sign language interpreting services, close captioning, or other accommodation needs to Phil King (phil_king@fws.gov) 304-963-0643, or Ryan Oster (ryan_oster@fws.gov) 304-596-3641, or TTY 800-877-8339.


WSFR uses a web-based system called DOI TALENT to register students for Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) classes. Below are two sets of instructions (one for FWS/DOI employees, and one for External/Non-Service employees).

Registration Instructions for FWS and DOI Employees, Contractors and Volunteers
As long as you are logged into your computer using your DOI Access Card and PIN card, you will be automatically signed in and redirected to the DOI Talent homescreen.
Open an Internet Browser window.
Copy and paste this URL into the address bar: https://doitalent.ibc.doi.gov/

You can search for "WSFR" courses by clicking on the "Find Learning" tab. Click on "Courses" and type "WSFR" in the Search by Course Name field (see image below). A list of WSFR courses will appear at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down the page to see the courses). Click on the WSFR Basic Grants Management course to see the upcoming seminar events (classes).

Having Trouble Logging Into DOI Talent?
If you are a Service or DOI employee who previously had a DOI Learn account and you do not have a DOI Access Card, please contact the Customer Support Center for instructions.

Phone: 1-888-367-1622, menu option 3, then 7 (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 5:30 pm, Mountain)
Email: HRMS_Helpdesk@ios.doi.gov

Registration Instructions for External Learners (State agency staff and other non-Department of Interior employees)

The registration process for an upcoming WSFR Basic Grants Management class occurs through the Department of the Interior (DOI) electronic learning system called “DOI-Talent”.  If you have already created a DOI-Talent account (and possess a username and password), then please skip down to Step 2 (below) and follow the instructions for registering in an upcoming class.  If you have never created a DOI-Talent account (and DO NOT possess a username and password), then please follow the instructions for Step 1 (below) in order to create your DOI-Talent account.  Once you have created your account and receive confirmation of your username, then you may continue to Step 2.  Please do not proceed to Step 2 until you have received an email from DOI-Talent confirming that your account and username has been created and approved.

Step 1: Creating an account in DOI-Talent.

NOTE: This step only establishes your account in DOI-Talent.  It does not register you in any actual training classes.  You will formally register for upcoming training classes in Step 2.

Please follow these step-by-step instructions for establishing a new account in DOI-Talent.  Failure follow these instructions may result in your new account request being delayed or denied.

(1) Click on and complete the new account request form.  Please continue reading the remaining steps for specific information that MUST BE ENTERED IN EVERY field on the new account request form. 

(2) Complete the fields under “Choose your Username and Password”.

  • Enter your email address in the “Username” field. This will become your username for logging into DOI Talent when you want to register for upcoming WSFR training classes.
  • Enter a Password that you will use in conjunction with your Username when you log into DOI Talent.

(3) If the arrow next to “More Details” is not pointing down, click on it in order to reveal the additional fields that must be completed.

  • Enter your email address. This should be the same email address that you entered as your “Username”.   This will be the email address that you want to receive communications from DOI-Talent about your registration status.  This will also be the email address that the WSFR Training Branch will use to send you important information about upcoming classes for which you have registered.
  • Enter your First and Last Name.
  • Enter the city/town in which you either reside or work in. The field labeled “Country” should be pre-populated with “United States”.  If not, please select “United States”.
  • In the “Organizational Name” field, enter the name of the organization for which you currently work (i.e. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources).

(4) If the arrow next to “Other Fields” is not pointing down, click on it in order to reveal the additional fields that must be completed.

  • In the “Role ID” field, select the bottom, blank option (you want this field left blank).
  • In the “Domain ID” field, select the bottom, blank option (you want this field left blank).
  • Enter the city of your mailing address in the field labeled “Postal Address City”.
  • Enter the state of your mailing address in the field labeled “Postal Address State”.
  • Enter the Zip code of your mailing address in the field labeled “Postal Address Zip Code”.
  • In the “Bureau” field, click on the drop down arrow and select “Fish and Wildlife Service”.
  • In the “Affiliation” field, select the appropriate designation that relates to your job position (i.e. State/Local govt, not-for-profit).
  • In the “Comments” field, enter “WSFR Basic Grants Management” and whether or not you have ever been a DOI contractor, volunteer, or employee in the past.

(5) Click “Request Account”.  Congratulations.  Your account request has now been sent to the DOI Talent administrators who manage accounts for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  They (not the WSFR Training Branch) will review your request.  They endeavor to respond to your account request within 3 business days (holidays may sometimes affect this).  If you have questions about the DOI Talent registration process, please contact the DOI Talent Data Steward at 1-888-367-1622, menu option 3, then 7.

Step 2: Registering for a Class

Once your account has been approved and established, you will receive an email from “DOI Talent” that contains your Username.  This email will also contain a link to log into DOI Talent. 

Now it is time for you to register for an upcoming WSFR Training class.  In order to register for a class, please follow these steps:

(1) Log into DOI Talent using the link provided in the email.

(2) Sign into DOI Talent using your Username and Password created during your initial DOI Talent registration.

(3) At the top of the screen, click on the dropdown arrow next to “Find Learning”, and click on “Courses”.

(4) In the field to the right of Course Name, type “WSFR Basic Grants Management” and click Search.

(5) Click on the course name titled “WSFR Basic Grants Management”.

(6) Find the course you are interested in attending and then click “Request Approval” on the right side of the screen under the column labeled “Options”.

(7) Complete the fields on the next screen.

  • For your manager, if not already populated, select or enter “Marci Phillips”. She is the DOI Talent administrator that will function as your supervisor (manager) and approve your request for registration in the class.
  • Enter any special requests or accommodations required in the field labeled Special Requests. If no special requests are needed, you may leave this field blank.
  • In the Method of Payment field, select “No Payment Required”.
  • Leave the Payment Status field blank.
  • Select whether this course is listed on your IDP. For non-Fish and Wildlife staff, simply select “No”.
  • In the Receive Confirmation by field, select “Email Only”.
  • Click the button labeled “Request Approval”.

(8) You’ve done it.  Congratulations.  Your request for enrollment has now been sent to Marci Phillips for her approval.  She usually processes those requests within 48 hours (Holidays may impact this somewhat).   You will be notified via email (from DOI Talent) once she has approved your request. Once she approves your request, you will officially be registered in the class.  If the class has already reached capacity, then you will be placed into "wait-list" status.

(9) The Training Branch staff will formally notify you, via email, approximately 8-10 weeks prior (or sooner) to the class.  This email typically provides important, additional information about the class such as course pre-requisites, lodging costs/information, travel dates, etc.

(10) At this point you are all set.  We look forward to meeting you at our future trainings.

If you have questions about the DOI Talent registration process, please contact the DOI Talent Data Steward at 1-888-367-1622, menu option 3, then 7.

If you have questions about upcoming WSFR Training Classes or have issues or difficulty using DOI Talent, please contact the WSFR Training Team.  Phil King (304-963-0643) or Ryan Oster (304-596-3641).

Financial Assistance Toolkit:

Persons attending the Basic Grants Management course will be required, prior to the class, to download the current version of the Financial Assistance (FA) Training Toolkit onto either a work electronic device (tablet or laptop computer) or personal device and bring with them to the class.  We will use the Toolkit as a resource throughout the class to review statutes, regulations, policies, and guidance.  For directions on how to download the FA Training Toolkit, please click here: Financial Assistance Training Toolkit   


Contact Phil King at 304-963-0643 or Ryan Oster at 304-596-3641

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