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  • State CVA Fees and O & M
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This information was talked about during the Open Forum at SOBA. Documenting this for your State so that other States may see could be helpful for all States when making comments.

State  Person Responding

What is your fee structure?

A. $5, no exceptions
B. $5, some exceptions if justified
C. A sliding scale
D. A flat rate higher than $5
E. Other 

Describe if a sliding scale:  

 Does you offer O & M?


If you offer O & M,
is it a separate
grant program? 

If you offer O & M,
is it included as
part of the construction

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  1. Anonymous

    CT - Kate Brown - No Fees for use of pumpout - No sliding scale - We do offer O&M - O&M grants are offered as well as construction and upgrades - grant program is combined - Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    WA - Al Wolslegel - Fees up to the $5 max allowed - O&M is combined with the grant for new construction and offered if they come into with program with their own pumpout

  3. Anonymous

    SC - Scott Meister - Max $5.00 fee, O&M is offered as part of the construction program.