Cluster of programs means a grouping of closely related programs that share common compliance requirements. The types of clusters of programs are research and development (R&D), student financial aid (SFA), and other clusters. "Other clusters" are as defined by OMB in the compliance supplement or as designated by a state for Federal awards the state provides to its subrecipients that meet the definition of a cluster of programs. When designating an "other cluster," a state must identify the Federal awards included in the cluster and advise the subrecipients of compliance requirements applicable to the cluster, consistent with § 200.331 Requirements for pass-through entities, paragraph (a). A cluster of programs must be considered as one program for determining major programs, as described in § 200.518 Major program determination, and, with the exception of R&D as described in § 200.501 Audit requirements, paragraph (c), whether a program-specific audit may be elected.