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Below are links to the most current versions (updated as of January 2018) of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) Quick Reference sheets that are incorporated into the WSFR Training classes (i.e. Project Leaders Course, Basic Grants Management, and Advanced Grants Management). These files are copyright-free and available for download. Please note that each WSFR Quick Reference sheet is available in both a color and black/white version. Each of these files is saved as a PDF.

To Download

Click on the Quick Reference to open it. It will appear on your screen. At the top right of the screen, click on the image of an arrow pointing down to download the document. The PDF file will appear at the bottom left of your screen (above the task bar). Open it and save it (click on the image of a disk at the top right corner). You may now save the PDF file to your computer.  A bundle of all the quick reference guides is also available at the bottom if you are interested in downloading or printing all of them.


Aquatic Education Subprogram

WSFR_Quick Reference_AE (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_AE (black/white)


Boating Access Subprogram

WSFR_Quick Reference_BoatAccess (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_BoatAccess (black/white)


Boating Infrastructure Grant Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_BIG (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_BIG (black/white)


Clean Vessel Act Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_CVA (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_CVA (black/white)


Endangered Species Act Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_ES (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_ES (black/white)


Hunter Education Programs

WSFR_Quick Reference_HE (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_HE (black/white)


Landowner Incentive Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_LIP (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_LIP (black/white)


Multi-State Grant Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_MultiState (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_MultiState (black/white)


National Coastal Wetlands Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_NCW (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_NCW (black/white)


Sport Fish Restoration Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_SFR (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_SFR (black/white)


State Wildlife Grants Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_SWG (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_SWG (black/white)


Tribal Wildlife Grants Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_TWG (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_TWG (black/white)


Wildlife Restoration Grant Program

WSFR_Quick Reference_WR (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_WR (black/white)


Bundle of all the WSFR Quick Reference Guides

WSFR_Quick Reference_Bundle (color)

WSFR_Quick Reference_Bundle (black/white)


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