Chat Box Comments:

Maryland- Christie & Don: We haven't noticed a problem in Maryland with pumpout hours.  Generally, the pumpout is open when the marina is (except for winter time).  Our contract with the marina specifies that the pumpout must be open during reasonable business hours.

Melanie Ashby: MO I'm sick can't talk

New York Lynne VanDenburgh: Lindsay, are those boats run by NJ or are they run by individual marinas? 

Lindsay Harrington: The boats are run by county offices.

Lindsay Harrington: Ocean County

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: It would be helpful to have a federal definition of "liveaboard"

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Milfoil and Zebra Mussel Beer?  OMG.

Kathy Smith - Minnesota: YUP!  Here's the article:

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Wow...I hope it works.  That would be a great way to tackle ANS!!

Clean Vessel Act Rule Update Webinar 2: Only if its an IPA.

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: I agree.  We need to get Mike W. from Vermont to do a taste-test.

Clean Vessel Act Rule Update Webinar 2: Done - Mike

Kathy Smith - Minnesota: Yeah, I'm imagining the floating restroom with two large images side-by-side (one with CVA info. & other Excelsior Brewing symbol).  Hum?  Beer & a way to get rid of the "outcome". :o)

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Yes....except that then you really need the boats to be liveaboards so we don't have a bunch of BUI's

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Mike!!!  We need a milfoil/zebra mussel taste test at SOBA.......

Al Wolslegel: People have said that the CVA does not allow pumping of live aboard's but I don't recall seeing that in the CFR's, is there a definition that is different from 50 CFR 85.11 which says nothing about live aboards?

Christy Vigfusson: We hear you that relaxing the definition of recreational vessel may allow live-a-boards to allow States greater flexibility

Al Wolslegel: Christy I'm not advocating one way or another I just don't see where live aboards are even mentioned in the CFR's and was wondering if I had missed that reference?

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: I think the issue is that the interpretation of the existing definition of "recreational vessel" excludes "residential" uses by not including them.

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Obstacles include timing of the grant award during the middle of the boating season!!!

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: December deadline for submission is fine with CT.

Melanie Titus (NH): NH doesn't really have an issue with the submission deadline either - it's the grant award date that is difficult.  We need to be able to plan on the award date, and it would be useful if it was the beginning of boating season instead of mid-boating season.

Lorene Reid: The current submission deadlines are fine with Georgia as well.  We plan to have the marinas submit their requests in advance and we're ready to go when we get the grant.  Also, the current grants are not spent out as originally planned because the marinas typically over estimate the cost and we have money left over for additional marinas.

Christy Vigfusson: If folks want an earlier award date, we would need to push the application deadline earlier.  There isn't much wiggle room in the timing on the Federal side.

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Christy - that would be fine with CT.  Earlier submission to get more time before the boating season would be very helpful.

Melanie Titus (NH): I agree - really the award date is more important than the submission deadline.

Melanie Ashby: In MO the issues aren't so much the timing of the submission but the time between submission and award.  Financial demands often change that will cause a valid applicant to no longer wish to contract with the state once the money becomes available..

Lindsay Harrington: NJ Shore to Please License Plate

Lorene Reid: Thank you Lindsay!

Christy Vigfusson: Thanks for the feedback!  I have to run soon, but thanks for this information and taking the time to participate today!  Lisa will fill me in on anything that happens.

Kate Brown & Wendy Flynn: Thanks everyone - I need to head into another meeting.  Great Job Lisa, Christy and Al -

Kathy Smith - Minnesota: What time is the webinar on Jan. 27th?

Melanie Titus (NH): Same time 1 -2:30

Kathy Smith - Minnesota: Thx. :o)