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TN – Otter Creek Boat Ramp Construction at Beaver Lake


There is currently a lack of adequate boating access facilities at Beaver Lake.  Beaver Lake is the fourth largest reservoir (20,000 acres) in the state and is located approximately 20 minutes from Allentown (the state’s third most populous city).  The lake provides an outstanding recreational fishery for largemouth bass, crappie, hybrid striped bass, and channel catfish. 

There are a total of six boat ramps presently in operation at Beaver Lake.  Four of these are privately-owned marina ramps that charge user fees to launch boats.  The remaining two boat ramps are owned by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) and are free to the public.  During the prime boating season, these two ramps quickly reach full capacity, which forces users to seek alternative facilities or forces users to not be able to launch their boats.  Collectively, the six ramps at Beaver Lake do not meet the current demand for anglers and boaters seeking access to Beaver Lake.   The TWRA is the state agency charged with managing and developing recreational boating access facilities for the public.  It is our statutory responsibility to improve boating opportunities throughout the state.  Without the development of new boat ramp facilities, recreational anglers and boaters will be forced to travel elsewhere.


The purpose of this grant is to increase opportunities for sport fishing and recreational boating at Beaver Lake in Tennessee.


Construct one (1) facility by June 30, 2019.  (NOTE: TRACS strategy - Facilities/Area Construction, Renovation, or Acquisition)

Results and Benefits Expected

This grant will help to satisfy the current and anticipated future (15-20 year) demand for recreational fishing and boating access at Beaver Lake.  Based upon best available data, the TWRA estimates that this ramp will provide for approximately 320 boating days/month of use during the peak boating season of May – September.  

This grant will also benefit nearby, local economies as anglers and boaters are willing to travel considerable distances to enjoy these activities.  Local economies will derive benefits from increased sales of gasoline, food, equipment, supplies, and lodging.


Objective 1 – Construct one (1) facility by June 30, 2019.

The TWRA will construct a public boat launching facility (Otter Creek Boat Ramp) at Beaver Lake that will be comprised of a 2-lane, paved, launching ramp, a boat courtesy dock, and single parking area that will accommodate parking for 50 vehicles and trailers.  The facility will be constructed on land under the control (fee title) of the TWRA.  The facility will be constructed following state procurement policies and procedures.  All applicable permits have been obtained and will be kept on file for future audit/compliance purposes. 

The facility will be constructed as designed (see attached design plans) following the plans developed by Knight & King Environmental Consultants, LLC.  The boat launching ramps will be poured concrete, with each lane being 12 feet wide and the slab extending approximately 35 feet into the water to ensure a year-round minimum water depth of 8 feet at the end of the ramp.

The boat courtesy dock will consist of a fixed-style dock with composite decking to enhance the useful life and minimize annual maintenance requirements.  The dock will accommodate for the ability to tie up a minimum of 2-4 boats at a time and allow for individuals to safely dock their vessels while they park/retrieve their vehicles and trailers.  The approach and gangways will be constructed to meet all ADA-compliance requirements to ensure maximum usability to the public, following the best management practices provided by the States Organization for Boating Access (SOBA) manual “Design Handbook for Recreational Boating and Fishing Facilities.”    

The parking area will be constructed to accommodate parking spaces for 50 vehicles and trailers.  This includes four parking spaces that will be constructed and designated handicapped accessible.  An additional five parking spaces will be designed for single vehicle parking to accommodate individuals driving separately from their boating/angling partners.  The parking area will be paved and individually striped.  Additional areas will be designed for vessel unloading/loading.  The walkway leading from the parking area to the boat ramp/courtesy dock will meet ADA specifications. 

Once completed, the facility will be designated with signage identifying that funding was provided in part through the Sport Fish Restoration program and TWRA.  No user fees will be charged to the public at this facility.  The facility will remain open to the public 24-hours/day.  Also, once completed, this facility will be included in the TWRA annual “Operations and Maintenance of Boating Access Facilities” Sport Fish Restoration grant.  Costs associated with the annual, ongoing maintenance of this facility will be charged to that grant. 

(NOTE: TRACS activity tags shown below for reporting purposes).

     TRACS Activity Tag 1: Recreational boating facilities (# of facilities)

     TRACS Activity Tag 2: Docks

     TRACS Activity Tag 2: Launch ramps (# of launching lanes)

     TRACS Activity Tag 2: Parking areas 

Useful Life

The useful life of the Otter Creek Boat Ramp facility is expected to be 25 years.  This determination is based upon the architectural engineering firm that was contracted to develop the design for the project.  Their determination is based upon a variety of factors including: (1) size of project; (2) geographic location; (3) quality of construction materials; (4) anticipated volume of use; (5) anticipated type of vehicles/boats using the site; (6) prevailing geographic weather; (7) wave erosion; and (8) previous knowledge of useful life of similar size/scope projects.  

Geographic Location





Otter Creek Boat Ramp




Principal Investigator(s), for Research Projects

Not applicable.

Program Income


Budget Narrative

                Federal Share:   $71,250 (75%) - Boating Access subprogram (9520)

                State Share:       $23,750 (25%) - TWRA restricted license revenue fund

                Total Project:    $95,000

NOTE: Applicants may provide the budget information using the SF 424A (Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs), SF 424C (Budget Information for Construction Programs), or using the applicant’s created budget displaying an equivalent or greater level of detail.

Budget Category


Administrative / Legal Expenses


Land, Structures, Appraisals


Relocation Expenses and Payments


Architectural and Engineering Fees


Other Architectural and Engineering Fees


Project Inspection Fees


Site Work


Demolition and Removal








Subtotal (Construction)




Subtotal (Construction + Contingencies)


Program Income




Administrative/Legal Expenses - budget estimate for potential administrative or legal fees that may arise during the construction of the project.

Project Inspection Fees - budget estimate for TWRA engineering staff to conduct routine project inspection site visits and regular construction update meetings with the contractor.

Site Work - budget estimate for initial site work preparation and mobilization of construction heavy equipment and supplies.

Construction - budget estimate for construction contract with Knight & Associates Construction Company.  This contract will be bid competitively according to state procurement policies and procedures.   

In-Kind Match: No in-kind match will be utilized for this grant.

Pre-Award Costs: No pre-award costs are requested for this grant.

Indirect Cost Statement: “We are (1) a U.S. state government entity receiving more than $35 million in direct Federal funding each year with an indirect cost rate of 29.8%.  We submit our indirect cost rate proposals to our cognizant agency.  A copy of our most recently approved rate agreement/certification is attached.”

Single Audit Reporting Statement: The TWRA was required to submit a Single Audit report for the agencies most recently closed fiscal year and that report is available on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse Single Audit Database website.  The report is filed under the TWRA’s EIN (99-9999999).

Conflict of Interest Statement: TWRA, at the time of this application, is not aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise during the life of this award which may affect the TWRA, its employees, or its subrecipients.  Should an actual or potential conflict of interest arise during the period of performance, then the TWRA will notify the WSFR Regional Office.                              

Multipurpose Projects


Relationship with other Grants

Once completed, this facility will be included in the TWRA annual "Operations and Maintenance of Boating Access Facilities" Sport Fish Restoration grant.


Period of performance is July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.

July 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018:

October 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018:

January 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019:

April 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019:


NOTE: 50 CFR 80.82 (c) requires that a project statement must include information pertaining to 13 data elements.  Element 13 requires that information be included in the project statement that (a) shows that the proposed activities are eligible for funding and substantial in character and design and (b) enables the Service to comply with applicable requirements under NEPA, ESA, and NHPA, and other laws, regulations, and policies.  If information is not provided in the project statement, please attach additional documentation regarding NEPA, ESA, and NHPA compliance.  

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