Director's Order

NO: 194 Extension of Redelegation of Auth for Intra-Service ES Act


516 DM 8 Managing the NEPA Process (USFWS)

Streamlining NEPA Guidance 2012 - CEQ

Policy/Program Guidance

Boating Access Funding
Clean Vessel Act Program Guidance 2010

Financial/Performance Reporting

Interim Guidance for Financial Status & Performance Reporting
USFWS Policy-Cost Accounting & Financial Reporting
522 FW 17 Director's Ltr Rescinding FA Guidance for Reports
Rescinded Guidance for Reports
Stewardship Investments

Landowner Incentive Program (LIP)

LIP-2006 Guidance
LIP-2007 Guidance

State Wildlife Grants (SWG) and Tribal Wildlife Grants (TWG)

Guidance on Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) Review and Revision - 2017

Program Income Guidance (3rd Party Commitment under SWG/LIP)

Guidance on Wildlife Action Plan Review and Revision - 2007 (rescinded 12/2017)

Administrative Guidelines for State Wildlife Grants - 2007

Tribal Grants Memorandum of Agreement

WSFR Technical Guidance

Lands Reconciliation Process - BMP

Using Cost Sharing or Matching Method for Program Income

Wildlife Restoration and Sport Fish Restoration Awards to Canada

Eligibility of Stocking Pen-Raised Birds under the Wildlife Restoration Act

Equipment Use Cost Recovery Guidance for WSFR Grants

Program Income Banking Guidance

Section 10 Hunter Education Enhancement

3% Central Services Limitation (WR/SFR Grants)

Timber Policy