The FA Training Toolkit is an instructional resource for Fish and Wildlife Service financial assistance award administrators and recipients. It includes documents referenced in Financial Assistance Support and Oversight (FASO) division training courses and is not a comprehensive compendium of all financial assistance laws, regulations, policies and guidance used across the Service. Though the Toolkit is periodically updated, award administrators and recipients should use official sources of the templates and forms contained within. Service templates and forms are accessible from the FASO Policy & Compliance Sharepoint site (Service employees only). Application and recipient reporting forms are accessible from

Current FA Training Toolkit - FA Training Toolkit


  1. Download the above .zip file onto your computer*.
  2. Open the .zip file and move the 'Toolkit' folder and .pdf file to a desired folder located on your computer (keeping these files together allows links to work properly).
  3. Launch the Toolkit by opening the main file - FA Training Toolkit.pdf.

*This file can also download to tablet devices and open with a PDF reader application.