Operation means actions, supplies, and labor needed to carry out the purpose of the pumpout facility and make it work. Operation may include:

(1)   Fuel, dock fees, and insurance for pumpout boats;

(2)   Emptying waste holding tanks;

(3)   Transporting waste from the pumpout facility to the municipal   or commercial waste treatment facility;

(4)   Hepatitis shots, gloves, sanitizer, and other items for the   protection of pumpout personnel;

(5)   Maintaining a pumpout log; and

(6)   Labor specific to the pumpout facility.

Operation must not include:

(1)  Municipal sewage, water, electric or other utilities   shared by other marina activities;

(2)  Labor that benefits other than pumpout facilities;

(3)  Food, beverage, uniforms, or other personal items   used or worn by staff, even if operating the   pumpout facility;

(4)  Travel expenses for staff to get to and from a   pumpout location; and

(5)  The full cost of a general dockhand.

Maintenance means keeping structures and equipment in a condition to serve the intended purpose. It includes cyclical or occasional actions done to keep pumpout facilities fully functional.

These may include:

(1)  Routine activities performed on equipment to keep it in good working order, such as applying lubricant, inspecting pipes, verifying working order of seals and valves, adjusting belts, checking electrical connections, winterizing equipment, applying shrink wrap for pumpout boats, or other pro-active measures;
(2)  Replacing of equipment parts and fluids to keep it in good working order, such as changing oil, changing belts, replacing worn parts;
(3)  Repairing, replacing, or upkeeping structures and appurtenances directly supporting the equipment at the pumpout facility. See § 85.XX
(4)  Improving access to the equipment through actions such as removing weeds around equipment, repairing and replacing lighting, or monitoring the pumpout slip for access;
(5)  Supplies, materials, tools, and labor needed to carry out above activities; and

(6)  Inspecting pumpout facilities.