Director's Order

NO: 194 Extension of Redelegation of Auth for Intra-Service ES Act


USFWS Adoption of NOAA-PEIS for Coastal Restoration Projects - August 2019

516 DM 8 Managing the NEPA Process (USFWS)

Streamlining NEPA Guidance 2012 - CEQ

Policy/Program Guidance

America's Conservation Enhancement (ACE) Act amendment to Wildlife Restoration Act - policy advisory (December 9, 2020)

Implementing the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act (Interim Guidance - September 2019)

State Financial Systems and Audit Responsibilities (June 28, 2019)

Boating Access Funding

Clean Vessel Act Guidance (2010)

Financial/Performance Reporting

Interim Guidance for Financial and Performance Reporting - May 2009
Director Memo (February 2007) - Rescinding Federal Aid Guidance for Reports - May 2003
Director Memo (May 2003) - Federal Aid Guidance for Reports (rescinded February 2007)
Supplementary Stewardship Reporting - Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 8

Landowner Incentive Program (LIP)

LIP 2002-2003 Final Guidance and Request for Proposals

LIP 2004 Requests for Proposals

LIP 2005 Requests for Proposals

LIP 2006 Final Guidance

LIP 2006 Requests for Proposals

LIP 2007 Final Guidance

State Wildlife Grants (SWG) and Tribal Wildlife Grants (TWG)

Guidance on Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) Review and Revision - 2017

Grant Agreement and Program Income Guidance for Third-Parties under SWG and LIP Awards

Guidance on Wildlife Action Plan Review and Revision - 2007 (rescinded December 2017)

Administrative Guidelines for State Wildlife Grants - 2007

Tribal Grants Memorandum of Agreement

WSFR Technical Guidance and BMPs

Third-Party Determination - Management Guide (May 2020)

Best Management Practices for Third-Party Agreements (September 2019)

Lands Reconciliation Process - BMP

Using Cost Sharing or Matching Method for Program Income

Wildlife Restoration and Sport Fish Restoration Awards to Canada

Eligibility of Stocking Pen-Raised Birds under the Wildlife Restoration Act

Equipment Use Cost Recovery Guidance for WSFR Grants

Program Income Banking Guidance

Interim Guidance (May 2001) - Section 10 Enhanced Hunter Education and Safety Program

Guidance - 3% Limitation on State Central Services Charged to Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs

Timber Policy