July 21, 2015 Webinar

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Powerpoint/Lisa on new rule: BIG Final Rule Review_20July2015.pptx
Powerpoint/Paul on history, trends, and NOFO: BIG Presentation_7-21-15.pptx

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (BIG) Final Rule Published

The BIG Final rule published in the Federal Register on May 6, 2015. BIGFinalRule_80FR26150_6May2015.pdf

Below are highlights of the rule and how it has changed from the 2001 rule. We encourage States and other interested parties to use the comment box at the bottom of the page to share questions or statements. We will review entries and post responses as appropriate. Please watch this page for information on future webinars and other guidance.  

Contact: Lisa_Van_Alstyne@fws.gov

NOTE: The document is 26 pages long, but the rule itself starts on page 13 (the page with 26161 in the upper, left corner). You may find it useful to start there when reading the rule for the first time.

The following subparts of the 2001 Final rule are removed:

Subpart J—Service Completion of the National Framework
Subpart K—How States Will Complete Access Needs Surveys
Subpart L—Completing the Comprehensive National Assessment
Subpart M—How States Will Complete the State Program Plans

The following topics have been clarified in this Final rule:

The following changes are made in the BIG final rule:



Changes in Ranking Criteria:  

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Final Rule Comparison.docx  

Items of Note Related to Ranking Criteria: