**This page is for U.S. Fish & Wildlfe Service (FWS) employees only**

Requesting ASAP Access

You DO NOT need ASAP access to monitor recipient draws and account balance. To view payment activity and current award balance, run (or have someone in your program with access to FBMS run) the EMIS “Grant Detail Query” in FBMS. Filtering the query will return faster results. Filter the query by Grants Specialist to see only those awards associated with a single person. Filter the query by award number to see results for a single award.

Before requesting ASAP access, please review the ASAP Account Roles descriptions below.

To request ASAP access, submit a completed FWS ASAP Agency User Enrollment Form to the Financial Assistance Systems & Training Branch (FAST) at fwhqfas@fws.gov. FAST is responsible for: adding Service users to ASAP; assigning user roles; deleting users when access is no longer required; and maintaining a file copy of user request forms for all employees given ASAP access.

ASAP Enrollment Process for FWS Users: FAST will add them as a user to ASAP and assign their requested system role(s). Then FWS' Certifying Official (HQ) will certify their user access in ASAP. The Certifying Official’s certification action triggers ASAP to send them their User ID by email and a temporary password by U.S. Postal mail. If they do not want to wait for their password to arrive by mail, call Treasury’s ASAP Helpdesk at 855-868-0151 (Option 2 Payments then Option 3 ASAP) to obtain a temporary password over the phone. The temporary password is only active for 24 hours. They must sign in and change their password before the temporary password expires. Contact the ASAP Point of Contact with any questions on ASAP roles.

ASAP Role Descriptions

Bureau Point of Contact

This role allows the user to add/delete other users and their roles, and allows
the user to perform inquiries and run reports.

Account Maintainer (Restricted):
List of ASAP Account Maintainers

This role allows the user to restrict the automatic transfer of funds from ASAP
to a recipient by placing an award on “Agency Review” or “Maximum Draw”,
to review and approve recipient payments, and to perform inquiries and run
reports. To comply with regulations and Service internal control procedures
the assignment of the Account Maintainer role is restricted to:

  • One primary and one back-up from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration
    (WSFR) in Regions 1-9; and
  • One primary and one back-up from the Division of Contracting and General
    Services in Regions 1-8.

If you need to place an award on agency review or maximum draw
, see the Director's Memo detailing when such a restriction is
allowed and then contact your regional Account Maintainer (see link to list in
column to the left). You may not place an award on agency review or maximum
draw without communicating in writing to the recipient the reason for the action.
Notifications of agency review holds must also detail the steps the recipient
should take to remove the hold on their account.

Payment Requestor Reviewer:

This role allows the user to review and approve recipient payments and
perform inquiries and run reports. 
Federal Agency Inquirer:This role allows the user to perform Inquiries and run reports only. 
Federal Agency Payment
This role allows the user to request payments on behalf of a recipient and
perform inquiries and run reports.

Resources for Managing Recipient Overdraws

Template Letter for Financial Assistance Overdraw

ASAP Training Powerpoint 3/14/12