The administrator who registered the entity in SAM is no longer with the organization. How can the entity change the administrator in SAM?

SAM requires a notarized letter to give access to new Entity Administrators when the previous administrator is no longer with the organization and the new administrator cannot use the automated account migration tool.  The notarized letter needs to:

IMPORTANT: The letter must be notarized, scanned and attached to an open service ticket submitted to the Federal Service Desk ( They can call FSD at 866-606-8220 for a ticket number. The new Entity Administrator must have an individual SAM User Account created with the e-mail address provided in the notarized letter.

For instructions on how to create an individual SAM user account, refer to How to Create an Account and Access SAM as a New User to register as a new user.

If this did not answer your question, please refer to the Federal Service Desk (FSD) website at and enter your question in the search box.