**This page is for U.S. Fish & Wildlfe Service (FWS) employees only**

Before obligating funds for a new grant or cooperative agreement (releasing the award in PRISM), the vendor must have a payment method established in FBMS. The vendor must have completed enrollment for the FWS in ASAP or be waived from using ASAP.

To verify the vendor has completed enrollment in ASAP, search for the vendor using the DUNS or Recipient ID on the ASAP Enrollment Status Report.

  1. If a matching Recipient ID is found on the ASAP Enrollment Status Report, verify that the Recipient Org Status column for that record reads “Active.”

    1. If the status is “Active,” view the record’s “Awards CANNOT be Obligated Prior to Date” field. Treasury imposes a 10 business day bank validation period that begins on the date the Recipient Org Status becomes “Active” during which FWS cannot send funds.
    2. Agreements Officers (AGO) MUST NOT release an award to the entity prior to either receiving an email from FAS that the recipient’s enrollment is complete or confirming that the “Awards CANNOT be Obligated Prior to Date” has passed.

  2. If there is not a matching Recipient ID found on the ASAP Enrollment Status Report, the Recipient will need to initiate ASAP enrollment with FWS regardless if they are already enrolled with another federal agency.

    1. The Program Office will need to send the ASAP Enrollment Form to the recipient.
    2. Once the recipient has returned the form to the Program office, the Program staff MUST complete “Section 5: For Bureau Requestor Use Only” of the ASAP Enrollment Form.
    3. Submit the completed enrollment form to the Systems Branch by email to fwhqfas@fws.gov.
    4. The Systems Branch will log the form, verify the information provided, and initiate the recipient’s enrollment in ASAP.
    5. The Systems Branch will notify the Program Office contact identified on the enrollment form by email when the process is complete. AGOs must not release the award in PRISM until all steps of the ASAP enrollment process are complete.

Note: AGOs are responsible for making sure all steps of this process have been completed before releasing the financial assistance award in PRISM.

For additional information, refer to the Establishing an Intended Recipient’s Payment Method before Obligating Funds for a New FA Award Guidance, ASAP Enrollment Process Flowchart, and How to Look Up a Vendor in FBMS for Users with Financial Assistance Roles.