Payments to Financial Assistance (FA) Recipients - Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) or Waivers Information

This is a knowledge base (wiki) for FWS Financial Assistance Systems relating to ASAP and ASAP waivers. The information in this knowledge base is for individuals who have responsibilities related to FWS Financial Assistance programs. This includes agreements officers, program managers, grant specialists, and financial assistance partners and award recipients.

The FWS Program must establish a payment method prior to awarding a grant or cooperative agreement by following the "Establishing an Intended Recipient’s Payment Method before Obligating Funds for a New FA Award" guidance.  The FWS Program must not release an award in PRISM prior to having the recipient enrolled in ASAP or identified as being waived from ASAP.

All FWS domestic recipients are required to use Treasury's Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) system for grant and cooperative agreement payments. ASAP is a Federal-wide online, electronic payment system.  Recipients are required to enroll in ASAP and use ASAP to request payments. The payments are then automatically deposited in the recipient's bank account usually the day after the payment request is made.

FWS recipients receiving funds from Partners for Fish and Wildlife and Coastal Programs may be waived from ASAP if the recipient chooses not to enroll in ASAP and is not enrolled in ASAP with any other Federal agency.  In addition, the Department of Interior may waive domestic recipients under the certain conditions including waiver requests for hardship, natural disasters, and public safety. All foreign recipients must be waived from using ASAP.

All recipients that are waived from ASAP must submit an SF 270 or SF 271 to the FWS program.

Domestic recipients and foreign recipients with U.S. Banks will be paid manually via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Foreign recipients with banks outside the United States will be paid via Treasury’s International Treasury Services (ITS).

For FWS information on ASAP and ASAP waivers, please refer to the topics on the left navigation pane. If you are a recipient and have issues with your ASAP enrollment please email

If the topics did not address your concerns, please send an email to with the following information:

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