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titleASAP Blackout Period

ATTENTION U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE (FWS) RECIPIENTS ALC 14160006: To close out the Federal fiscal year 2016, FWS will be suspending all open ASAP accounts effective 5:00 p.m. MDT (7:00 p.m. EDT) September 23 through September 30, 2016.  Accounts will be available October 3, 2016.  All recipients should withdraw the necessary funding for that period on or before September 23, 2016.  Recipients are eligible to advance funds to cover costs from September 24 to September 30, 2016. For questions relating to the awards, please contact the FWS Project Officer identified on your notice of award.

titleNotice on ASAP System Changes

Effective December 31, 2015, there will be a change to the minimum computer and internet browser requirements for all ASAP Federal Agency and Recipient Organization users. Any computer accessing will need to use an operating system and internet browser that supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. Any visitors to using Windows XP or Windows Vista computer system will no longer be able to access This could require updating the internet browser version or changing the security policies on workstations. Click here for additional information.

Payments to Recipients - Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) or Waivers Information

This is a knowledge base (wiki) for FWS Financial Assistance Systems relating to ASAP and ASAP waivers. The information in this knowledge base is for individuals who have responsibilities related to FWS Financial Assistance programs. This includes agreements officers, program managers, grant specialists, and financial assistance partners and award recipients.

The FWS uses ASAP to make payments to recipients for financial assistance awards.  ASAP is a Federal-wide system used by State and local governments, non-profits, universities, as well as individuals to draw funds for awards received through FWS and other Federal agencies.


  • Eliminates the requirement for SF-270, Request for Advance or Reimbursement, or SF-271, Outlay Report and Request for Reimbursement for Construction Programs;
  • Eliminates the need for invoices and detailed receipts;
  • Makes funds available to recipients so they reduce the time between doing the work and getting paid for it; and
  • Is available to anyone who has access to a computer with Internet service

For FWS information on ASAP, please refer to the topics on the left navigation pane. If you are a recipient and have issues with your ASAP enrollment please email

If the topics did not address your concerns, please send an email to with the following information:

Recipient Name: 
Person to Contact:
Phone Number:
ASAP Recipient ID:
FBMS Award Numbers (ask your Service Project Officer for this information):
Description of Error Message: Please be very specific. Provide a screen shot if possible.


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