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How can the recipient initiate payment in ASAP?

Funds are typically drawn by Payment Requestors on behalf of the Recipient or by a Recipient with a dual role as Payment Requestor.

To request funds to be deposited into your bank account from your Account, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Select Initiate a Payment Request from the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Retrieve Accounts - define criteria for the account(s) you wish to retrieve, specify payment information, and click Continue. 

    • You must enter the Requestor ID, which is the ID assigned to the individual user that initiates the payment request from an ASAP account.
    • Specify one or more of the following criteria:
      • Recipient ID - the 7-digit identifier assigned to a Recipient Organization or Payment Requestor within ASAP.
      • Account ID - ASAP account that has been setup by the federal program agency. If you do not know the exact Account ID, ASAP will allow you to retrieve a list of accounts associated with the organization(s) you have identified. You can also enter a partial Account ID with wildcard characters (%) to generate a list of possible accounts. The more data you enter, the more narrow your retrieval results will be.
    • You must specify the following payment information:
      • Payment Request Type (Individual or Summary)
      • Payment method (ACH or Fedwire)
      • Requested Settlement Date (if Fedwire Payment Method, date defaults to current cycle date or to the next business day if FUNDS time has passed)

Step 3: Enter Payment Transactions - Accounts are presented to you grouped by Recipient. Enter the Amount Requested for each ASAP Account ID for which you are requesting a payment. If multiple pages of accounts are retrieved, paginate through the pages to locate the accounts that you desire. Once Amount Requested has been entered, click Continue.

Step 4: Review Payment Transactions - If you wish to add more payment requests for different accounts, click Add More Accounts which will return you to Step 2 pending your current requests. Follow Steps 2 & 3 for the new accounts. When you get back to Step 4, all requests should be displayed. A summary table provides a list of payment requests you have entered. Upon verification, enter Total Amount Requested and click Submit.

Step 5: Payment Transaction Confirmation - Once you submit your payment requests, the system will display a Confirmation. The status of the payment request and update to the Available Balance will vary depending on whether the account is on Agency Review and the Requested Settlement Date.

For additional assistance, the list of common questions as well as a PowerPoint tutorial on how to initiate payment in ASAP can be found at