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Part 417 Service-Administered Audits of Grantees

Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 2 Planning (Rescinded)

Chapter 3 Fieldwork and Reporting (Rescinded)

Chapter 4 Resolution (Rescinded)

Chapter 5 Appeals (Rescinded) 

Chapter 6 Single Audit Act Audits

Part 516 FWS Financial Assistance - Award Administration

Chapter 1 Financial Reporting for Grant and Coop Agrmt Awards

Chapter 2 Performance Reporting for Grant and Coop Agrmt Awards

Chapter 7 Closeout of Grant and Coop Agrmt Awards

Part 517 Eligibility Standards and Administrative Requirements

Chapter 7 Recreational Boating Access Subprogram
Chapter 10 State Wildlife Grants - Mandatory Subprogram
Chapter 13 Multistate Conservation Grant Program

Part 518 WSFR - Management

Chapter 1 Authorities and Responsibilities
Chapter 8 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife Associated Recreation

Part 519 WSFR - Grant Administration

Chapter 2 Compliance Requirements Summary

Part 520 Federal Aid Program Management

Chapter 1 Federal Grant Coordination

Part 521 Federal Aid Program Eligibility

Chapter 1 Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration
Chapter 2 Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration
Chapter 3 Coastal Wetlands Conservation
Chapter 4 Endangered Species

Part 522 Federal Aid Program Guidance

Chapter 1 Standards for Administration (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 2 Grantee Administration  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 3 Coordination (Superceded by 520 FW 1 Feb. 2011)
Chapter 4 Comprehensive Management System Grants
Chapter 5 Developing Strategic Plans and Comprehensive Management Systems (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 6 Land Acquisition
Chapter 7 Operation and Maintenance (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 8 Fish and Wildlife Population Management  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 9 Habitat Management  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 10 Facilities Construction  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 11 Research  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 12 Surveys and Inventories  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 13 Hunter and Aquatic Education  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 14 Technical Guidance  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 15 Outreach  (Rescinded Feb. 2014)
Chapter 16 Preagreement Costs
Chapter 17 Cost Accounting and Financial Reporting
Chapter 18 Useful Life of Capital Improvements Funded by FA Grants
Chapter 19 Program Income from FA Grants
Chapter 20 Loss of Control and Disposal of Real Property
Chapter 21 Allowable Recreational Activities & Related Facilities on FA Lands
Chapter 22 Allowable Commercial Activities & Related Facilities on FA Lands
Chapter 23 Budget Changes in Federal Assistance Grants
Chapter 24 Establishment and Use of Land Value as Match
Chapter 25 Determining Approval and Effective Dates for FA Grants



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